Bushing Current Transformers

ELEQ Bushing Current Transformer SB08
05 Bushing Stroomtransformator
SB08 RK1 RK01 SB

Toroidal transformer for measuring, revenue metering (billing) and protection tasks.

  • Primary current up to 30.000A
  • Suitable to be put around high-voltage bushings in encapsulated switchgear or in power transformers
  • Can be ordered independently or as part of a subassembly
ELEQ Current Transformer System
60 ELEQ Speciale modellen stroomtransformatoren

Sub-assembled package of current transformers enabling easy and quick installation for measurement, protection and revenue metering (billing)

  • Primary current up to 30.000A
  • Constructions available in wood, aluminium and on customer request
  • Patented subassembly constructions
  • Each sub-assembly tested as a complete package
  • Test reports available through the internet
  • Colour coded secondary leads
  • Advantages: reduced installation time, reduced stock level, unique reliability due to test procedure and high guaranteed quality
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