The lamppost as a hub for efficient Smart City solutions

ELEQ Smart Multi Connection Box and Application Modules

ELEQ Smart Multi Connection Box

For years, ELEQ has been the leading partner for providing safe and compact connections in lampposts. The rise of the multipurpose lamppost—where modern technology comes together to make a city “smarter”—requires new solutions. The existing lamppost is the  most sustainable solution for everything to come together and is called a Smart Node.

To facilitate the smart Lamppost, ELEQ has developed the Smart Multi Connection Box. The multifunctional connection box is equipped with a compact kWh meter, communication module and other features to ensure optimal operation of the new functionalities.

  • Efficient distribution of incoming power
  • Accurate current measurement and calculation of each current division
  • Load balancing for optimal distribution of incoming power
  • Protection of both electrical components and data

ELEQ Connection Box EV

ELEQ’s EV charging lamppost solutions are designed to blend into the existing street view—perfect for a quick rollout in residential areas or your own business park. ELEQ offers two EV charging solutions for use in lampposts:

  • The EV Charger KIT, the quick “add-on” solution for lampposts;
  • The Connection Box EV for full integration in the lamppost.

ELEQ Connection Box Smart Lighting

ELEQ’s integrated Connection Box Smart Lighting for easy smartening of LED lighting. It ensures the right light, in the right place, at the right time based on adjustable light schedules. In addition, It provides insight into the condition of your lighting.

Not only will it ensure energy saving , but the smart features will also help reducing installation and maintenance costs.

  • ELEQ’s Connection Box solution is installed at the base of the lamppost, which reduces installation and maintenance costs.
  • Sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions through dimming schemes and motion sensors.
  • Lighting schedules: prevent light pollution without compromising comfort and safety.
  • Remote management of street lighting

ELEQ Connection Box Air Quality

Particulate matter is a form of air pollution that consists of very fine particles that penetrate deep into the lungs and are harmful to a person’s health. Together with its partners, ELEQ has developed a Connection Box with integrated particulate matter measuring equipment that can easily be installed in a lamppost.

  • The sensitive parts of the measuring equipment are installed at the base of the lamppost
  • No aerial platform required for installation and maintenance
  • Can be installed and maintained by one person

ELEQ Connection Box Fiber

A smart and connected society starts with high-speed internet, at home, at work and outside. ELEQ’s Connection Box Fiber provides real-time transmission of large files, allowing optimal operation of:

  • Camera applications;
  • Traffic systems;
  • Locks and bridges.

ELEQ Connection Box Sound Sensor

Together with its partners, ELEQ has developed a Connection Box with an integrated decibel meter that can easily be installed in a lamppost. The sensitive parts of the measuring equipment are installed at the base of the lamppost This eliminates the need for an aerial platform during maintenance and allows the work to be performed by one person.

  • Targeted activation of camera systems using sound measurements
  • Mapping daily noise levels at a specific location
  • Monitor temporary situations and measure noise pollution in public area

Societal challenges require smart solutions and the right technology. That is what ELEQ offers.

Making cities accessible and liveable is a major challenge for the future. How do we shape the energy transition while keeping our infrastructure efficient and available? Technology and digitalisation play a major role in managing this large-scale change. A “Smart City” aims to increase the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

The lamppost as the key to sustainability and smartening up

The reuse of existing objects in private and public areas is the most sustainable solution and avoids a proliferation of lampposts, communication towers and EV charging stations. Because of their height and existing infrastructure, lampposts —combined with ELEQ’s smart solutions—are extremely suitable as solution for social challenges such as improving mobility, efficient energy use, health and safety.

ELEQ’s Smart Multi Connection box and modular solutions for lampposts.

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The power of collaboration

Partnerships are crucial in ELEQ’s business model. We work closely together with suppliers worldwide to provide comprehensive smart solutions in lampposts or street furniture such as bus shelters or parking meters. ELEQ is constantly looking for partners to offer innovative solutions together.