For which challenge in the Transport and Distribution market are you in need of a good transformer?
ELEQ transformers.

Transport & Distribution

Mastering electricity worldwide

An electricity grid distributes our electricity supply. An electricity grid is a large-scale distribution station, which transports electrical energy from a large international level to a small-scale level for end users of electricity. To facilitate this ELEQ offers reliable current and voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor use. Those transformers have proven their reliability for many years. The transformers assure a compact, safe solution for protection, measurement and revenue purposes. ELEQ offers standard transformers as well as custom-made solutions, allowing us to propose a solution for all protection, measurement and revenue challenges.

This makes ELEQ since many years now the global market leader in measurement transformers. On top of this, ELEQ has designed a special line of low and medium voltage transformers for generator applications. The special ELEQ construction combines easy mounting with a high resistance for the vibrations in the generator application.


renewable energy generation high voltage medium voltage

ELEQ’s share in transport & distribution

70 years

Experience in designing and manufacturing of transformers.

Up to 17,5 kV

Is the line of current and voltage transformers for generator applications.

15 years

ELEQ has successfully marketed the subassembly, which combines several current transformers as one unitized product with standard dimensions.

Innovation and Development

We always go for the best solution, for you, our customer.

Our technicians working in our own Product Development Center (PDC) are continuously developing new products, innovations and smart solutions in the field of public areas.


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Case Study

Mounting cost reduction with GSQR410

Brush HMA NL was looking for a reduction in mounting costs and size for a project in Mozambique with a 4 pole generator. For this challenge ELEQ designed the easy stack mounted GSQR410.


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ELEQ’s share in transport & distribution, high-end quality standard products and innovative customized solutions