The ELEQ instrument transformers mainly belong to the type of transformers with toroidal cores. They are manufactured in 3 designs:

  1. the fully encapsulated type, in black cases of unbreakable polycarbonate, heat resistant up to 135 °C, or made of phenolic resin type 31;
  2. The cast epoxy resin type, brown. All parts of the transformer are embedded in synthetic resin;
  3. The open toroidal type transformer (bushing type) for use in high voltage transformers and other high voltage equipment, dry or under oil.

ELEQ supplies, besides the main transformer line, a wide variety of special purpose transformers. The range of special options includes auxiliary current transformers, split-core transformers, bushing type transformers, dry or under oil, cast epoxy type transformers with extra-large bushing hole, voltage transformers for measurement, current transducers and current relays.

ELEQ Low voltage current transformers are manufactured in standard design or customer specific design divergent in:

– Primary current;
– Secondary current;
– Class;
– Standard;
– Frequency;
– Continuous thermal current;
– One or more secondary taps.