Mastering Electricity

The outstanding developer and manufacturer for smart electrotechnical applications for protecting, measuring and connecting electrical energy

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    Split-core transformer 333mV for energy saving
    High energy costs, decentralised generation and energy agreements make energy saving a priority. Smart energy monitoring offers the solution to optimize energy consumption. Think, for example, of making it possible to read and control energy consumption locally and remotely. Looking for a compact transformer for smart energy monitoring?
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    ELEQ Smart City solutions
    A smart city is a city that uses advanced technology and data analytics to improve the quality of life for its residents and enhance the sustainability of its infrastructure. Making a city accessible and liveable is an important challenge for the future.
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    We are exhibiting!
    In 2024, ELEQ will be present at various trade fairs and expositions. We are happy to discuss our innovative products, developments around the energy transition, and other themes in the energy industry with you. We warmly invite you to visit us at one or more trade fairs.

Mastering electricity is key

ELEQ designs and manufactures a broad range of transformers, connection boxes, converters and measuring equipments. We offer standard products as well as customized products produced at our premises in the Netherlands (Steenwijk) and Germany (Kerpen).