Mastering Electricity

For more than 70 years we are an outstanding developer and manufacturer for smart electrotechnical applications for protecting, measuring and connecting electrical energy

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  • Discover our Connection Box with Surge Protection Device (SPD)
    Electronics are being used more and more in the domain of public lighting. LED armatures or detection devices are just a few examples. These electronic devices are sensitive to over voltage. ELEQ has developed an SPD connection box in order to enhance the life of electronics in public areas.
  • Influence of an external magnetic field
    Recently PAC World Magazine published a study where our engineer Douwe Baars contributed to together with ABB. The subject of this study is the influence of an external magnetic field on a ring-core Current Transformer which can, for example, be applied in power transformers or switchgear.
  • We are exhibiting
    In the fall ELEQ is present at several fairs. Namely, the ‘Dag van de Openbare Ruimte’ in Utrecht and European Utility Week in Vienna.

Mastering electricity is key

ELEQ designs and manufactures a broad range of transformers, connection boxes, converters and measuring equipments. We offer standard products as well as customized products produced at our premises in the Netherlands (Steenwijk) and Germany (Kerpen).