Loadresistors for current transformers


The load resistors have been specially developed to bring the charge of a current transformer within 25% and 100% of the value mentioned on the type plate of the power transformer.

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Order specifications
Model PVa Resistance Type Article number
WSR30 1 0,04Ω 5A 4WS000
WSR30 1.5 0,06Ω 5A 4WS001
WSR30 2.5 0,1Ω 5A 4WS002
WSR30 2.5 2,5Ω 1A 4WS003
WSR40 4 0,16Ω 5A 4WS004
WSR40 4 4Ω 1A 4WS005
WSR30 1.5 1,5Ω 1A 4WS006
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
1,0*In continue / 60*In/1s
Application conditions
162/3, - 50, - 60Hz
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