Repair of current transformer at EPZ Nuclear Power Plant Borssele

Rapid Response and Expert Repair of a Third-Party Current Transformer at Nuclear Plant Borssele.

Exterior of the EPZ nuclear power plant in Borssele


Kerncentrale Borssele, a pivotal nuclear power plant, encountered an unexpected challenge when a critical component of its generator, a current transformer, failed. This malfunction ceased the plant’s ability to deliver power, significantly impacting operations and raising concerns over infrastructure reliability. The facility faced a pressing need for immediate, expert intervention to restore function and ensure the safety and efficiency of its operations.


The situation presented a multifaceted challenge:

  • Technical Complexity: The current transformer has operated for over 50 years, complicating diagnostic and repair efforts.
  • Operational Urgency: The plant required the transformer to be repaired and operating as soon as possible to minimise downtime and economic impact.
  • Safety and Compliance: Ensuring the repair work complied with strict safety and operating standards was paramount.


ELEQ’s team was mobilised to address this critical issue, leveraging our expertise in electrical infrastructure and commitment to operational excellence. The response involved several key steps:

  1. Rapid Mobilization and Assessment: Our specialists thoroughly examined the damaged current transformer to identify the failure modes and devise a strategic repair plan.
  2. Technical Solution Development: Drawing on extensive experience with current and voltage transformers, the team proposed a viable technical solution addressing immediate operational needs and long-term reliability concerns.
  3. Efficient Execution: Within the constrained timeframe, ELEQ’s team executed the repair, replacing the damaged components and conducting comprehensive tests to ensure the transformer’s functionality and compliance with safety standards.
  4. Collaboration and Support: The effort was characterised by exceptional teamwork and collaboration, with ELEQ’s specialists working closely with Kerncentrale Borssele’s personnel to facilitate a smooth and effective repair process.EPZ nuclear power plant in Borssele


The repair was completed within the ambitious one-day timeframe, restoring the Kerncentrale Borssele’s ability to generate power and preventing further economic and operational impacts. The successful intervention demonstrated ELEQ’s capability to tackle highly complex and urgent technical challenges, reinforcing our reputation as a leader in electrical infrastructure solutions.

  • Customer Satisfaction: The swift and effective resolution of the issue was met with high praise from the customer, culminating in a generous appreciation gesture – a Christmas present for our colleagues in Steenwijk.
  • Team Recognition: The project underscored the dedication, skill, and unconditional support of our team members, whose collaborative effort was crucial to the project’s success. The achievement was celebrated with a dinner, acknowledging the hard work and commitment of the eleven colleagues involved.


This case study exemplifies ELEQ’s core values of dedication, expertise, and rapid response to customer needs. It highlights our ability to navigate the complexities of repairing and optimising critical electrical infrastructure within stringent timelines, ensuring operational continuity and safety for our clients. Our team’s unwavering support for one another and commitment to excellence solved a pressing technical problem and reinforced the trust and confidence our customers place in us.

ELEQ remains at the forefront of addressing the challenges associated with ageing electrical infrastructure, offering innovative solutions and unparalleled service to ensure the reliability and efficiency of energy systems worldwide.


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