Double Reed Frequency Meter


E-line double reed frequency meters in which the frequency of the incoming signal makes the reeds resonate.

2x 47-53Hz or 2x 57-63Hz or 2x 45-55Hz or 2x 55-65Hz
110, 230, 400 or 500V
2 x 13 or 2 x 21
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Order specifications
For the customized design of your ELEQ FISD96-E Analogue Measuring Instrument the following information is required:

Number of Reeds and Frequency Range (2x 13 reeds: 2x 47-53Hz or 2x 57-63Hz or 2x 21 reeds: 2x 45-55Hz or 2x 55-65Hz)
Voltage (110, 230, 400 or 500V)

On request the FIS96D-E with one reed can be delivered as ship version or with extra markings on the scale.
Other relevant requirements
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Indoor use
+18°C .. +28°C
-25°C .. +55°C
5% .. 80%, non condensing
Case IP52, terminal contacts IP20**
IEC 60051-4
* ** IP20 when included protection cover is mounted.
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