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Current Relay


The ELEQ current relay EM305 is suitable for an alternating current of up to 100A. The switching point and speed of response are adjustable.

Max. 100A
24Vdc, 110Vdc (on request)
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Order specifications
Auxiliary supply Is Tripping-current range Article number
24Vdc, 110Vdc (on request) 2,5A 0,25 .. 2,5A 6E3003
24Vdc, 110Vdc (on request) 10A 1 .. 10A 6E3004
24Vdc, 110Vdc (on request) 25A 2,5 .. 25A 6E3005
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Indoor use
19 .. 29Vdc
ca. 17mA
ca. 20mA
Application conditions
0,1 .. 1*Is
20 .. 500ms
ca. 10%
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