Choke module for suppressing ferro-resonance


In three phase voltage networks with isolated neutral point which use single-pole voltage transformers, ferro-resonance may occur. These resonances are generated by the concur of single-pole voltage transformers non-linear inductance of open-circuit operation and the earthing capacitance of the network.

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Order specifications
Isolation level Nominal three phase current of voltage transformer PR total 100V PD total Article number
0,72kV 10A 295W 1200VA BE10
0,72kV 15A 295W 1200VA BE15
0,72kV 2A 147W 800VA BE2
0,72kV 4A 147W 800VA BE4
0,72kV 6A 147W 800VA BE6
0,72kV 9A 295W 800VA BE9
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Application conditions
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