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Additional power supply needed?

The public lighting market presents a clear trend towards smarter lighting pole. This implies that the pole is also equipped with devices such as cameras, sensors, wifi, etc. next to standard luminaires. ELEQ developed a terminal module in order to connect these additional devices onto our connection boxes. This module contains terminals to connect extra applications included in the pole next to standard luminaires.


  • Quick, easy mounting
    • For a new pole as well as for an existing one;
    • The module simply clicks onto our existing LS-84 and LS-94 connection boxes;
    • The cables of additional devices are easily mounted by means of a spring pressure mechanism.
  • Safe
    • Mounting points for additional devices inside the connection box instead of outside of it.
  • Compact
    • The module easily fits into the ELEQ LS-84 and LS-94 connection boxes.

Terminal module