Outdoor Medium Voltage Transformer


The cast resin outdoor voltage transformer is capable to withstanding the aggravate outdoor environmental condition.

On request
100/√3V, 110/√3V, 100/3V, 110/3V other voltage on request
5-150VA/ 0,2-1, 3P, 6P
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Order specifications
Burden Insulation voltage kV Max. number of winding Thermal breakeven performance Creepage distance Weight [kg] Article number
5-150VA/ 0,2-1, 3P, 6P 12/28/75 3 600 610 27 UGEF 12D33
5-150VA/ 0,2-1, 3P, 6P 24/50/125 3 600 780 27 UGEF 24D33
5-150VA/ 0,2-1, 3P, 6P 36/70/170 3 600 1120 45 UGEF 36E43
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
50, 60 Hz other on request
Application conditions
With degree of protection IP 54 max. IP 65
-40°C - 45°C
VDE 0414, IEC 60044 , ANSI C 57.13, GOST
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