Ø 82 mm
Bushing Current Transformer

SBM 106-54-82 ../1A

The SBM 106-54-82 is a low voltage current transformer for mounting around the bushing/conus connector in switchgear applications.

200/5A .. 600/5A and 50/1A .. 600/1A
1 or 0,5 or 0,2S or 0,5S
1 or 2 or 2,5 or 5 VA
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Order specifications
Burden Model Ratio Class Article number
1VA SBM 106-54-82 50/1A 1 4SB8**
2VA SBM 106-54-82 100/1A 0.5 4SB80*
2,5VA SBM 106-54-82 200/1A 0,5S 4SB802
2,5VA SBM 106-54-82 300/1A 0,2S 4SB813
2,5VA SBM 106-54-82 400/1A 0,2S 4SB814
5VA SBM 106-54-82 500/1A 0,2S 4SB815
5VA SBM 106-54-82 600/1A 0,2S 4SB816
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Indoor use
Application conditions
IEC 61869-2 / IEEE C57.13; etc.
E (120°C)
Ø 82 mm
Sealable, 6mm2 solid / 4mm2, stranded Screw connection
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