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Intelligent Current Transformer


The ELEQ EMP4420 is a two-wire transmitter for converting alternating current to a 4-20mA signal. The auxiliary supply of 10-40Vdc is included in the output circuit.

Max. 600A
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Order specifications
Auxiliary supply Measuring Current Article number
10-40Vdc 10A 6M2801
10-40Vdc 12A 6M2802
10-40Vdc 12,5A 6M2803
10-40Vdc 15A 6M2804
10-40Vdc 20A 6M2806
10-40Vdc 25A 6M2807
10-40Vdc 30A 6M2808
10-40Vdc 40A 6M2809
10-40Vdc 50A 6M2810
10-40Vdc 60A 6M2811
10-40Vdc 75A 6M2812
10-40Vdc 80A 6M2813
10-40Vdc 100A 6M2814
10-40Vdc 120A 6M2815
10-40Vdc 125A 6M2816
10-40Vdc 150A 6M2817
10-40Vdc 200A 6M2819
10-40Vdc 250A 6M2820
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Indoor use
< 0,5VA
Application conditions
0 - 1,2In
60*In (1sec)
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