Meters for DC Voltage or Current with Moving Coil


E-line meters with a moving coil are intended for direct measurement or for connection to a separate shunt.

0 .. 600A, 0 .. 400V
1 .. 600A, 60mV, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 10V
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Order specifications
Please consult the download below for our standard items. For the customized design of your ELEQ DIV Analogue Measuring Instrument the following information is required: Mandatory Scale Measuring Range Window size (48*48, 72*72, 96*96) Optional Ship version IP55 Extra markings on the scale Other relevant requirements
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Indoor use
+18°C .. +28°C
-25°C .. +55°C
5% .. 80%, non condensing
Case IP52, terminal contacts IP20**
IEC 60051-2
* ** IP20 when included protection cover is mounted.
The following downloads are available for this product.