Low voltage current transformer

ERM60-E3A ../1A

Flexible, compact and reliable, those are the keywords of the (E)RM-series of ELEQ. All transformers are equipped with a sealable integrated terminal cover in a case of polycarbonate.

50/1A .. 600/1A
0,5 or 1 or 3
0,5 - 12,5VA
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Order specifications
RatioClass 0,5Class 1Class 3Article number
100/1A --2 VA3,5 VA4M2411E
120/1A --2,5 VA4 VA4M2412E
125/1A --2,5 VA4 VA4M2413E
150/1A --3 VA5 VA4M2414E
200/1A --4 VA7,5 VA4M2415E
250/1A --3,5 VA5 VA4M2416E
300/1A --5 VA7,5 VA4M2417E
400/1A5 VA7,5 VA10 VA4M2418E
500/1A5 VA7,5 VA10 VA4M2419E
600/1A5 VA7,5 VA10 VA4M2420E
50/1A -- --1,5 VA4M2425E
60/1A -- --2 VA4M2426E
75/1A --1,5 VA2,5 VA4M2427E
80/1A --1,5 VA2,5 VA4M2428E
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Indoor use
-5°C .. +40°C
5% .. 85%, non condensing
Application conditions
IEC 61869-2
60 x In / 1s
1 x In
Max cable Ø 24,5 mm. Max rail 20x10(15)mm or 25x10(11)mm or 30x10mm
Screw terminals (max. torque 2Nm). Max. cross-sectional area of cable (stranded) 6mm2
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