ELEQ Energy Management

Discover customised solutions for your energy challenges

  • Achieve net zero effortlessly with our decarbonisation solutions
  • Reduce operational costs through precise energy management
  • Equip your infrastructure for the surge in EV and renewable energy use
  • Our adaptable solutions fit both industrial and residential needs
  • Embrace innovation and sustainability

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Transform your energy management with ELEQ’s groundbreaking solutions

Complex challenges arise in the world of dynamic energy, where sustainability, efficiency, and cost-saving are central. Innovative approaches are needed to address decarbonisation, the growing reliance on renewable energy sources, precise energy measurements, and increasing pressure to improve energy efficiency.


Solutions that make a difference in energy management

ELEQ provides energy management solutions with exceptional accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use through our split-core TQ series current transformers and power sensors (VCT).

Refined measurement accuracy with the TQ series:

  • Provides high accuracy for systems that utilize renewable energy.
  • Its compact and innovative design makes it easy to integrate with old and new systems.
  • Meets IEC61869-2 standards for accuracy and reliability.


Efficiency in installation: the integrated power sensor VCT:

  • A complete current measurement unit with an integrated voltage tap.
  • Optimizes space usage and cost-effectiveness during installation.
  • Ideal for systems that require high-energy efficiency.


Compact power measurement with ELEQ current transformers (RM17 and RM27):

  • Specifically designed for detailed current measurements in a compact size.
  • Extremely suitable for highly electrified systems such as EV charging stations.


Why ELEQ gives you an edge in energy:

  • Decarbonisation: Achieve your net-zero goals with our energy-efficient solutions.
  • Cost reduction: Use precise energy measurements and efficient management to reduce operational costs.
  • Future-proofing: Respond to the increasing demand for electricity from EVs and renewable sources.
  • Versatility: Our solutions, from industrial to residential systems, are broadly applicable.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: Anticipate future challenges with our forward-thinking technologies focused on sustainability.


Discover customised solutions for your energy challenges.


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