ELEQ Intelligent Current Transformer, EM200 Series
10 EM200 serie
6M2303 6M2309 6M2310 6M2350 6M2351 6M2352 6M2353 6M2354 6M2355 6M2358 6M2359 6M2360 6M2361 6M2362 6M2363 6M2601 6M2602 6M2603 6M2604 6M2616 6M2605 6M2606 6M2607 6M2608 6M2609 6M2610 6M2611 6M2612 6M2613 6M2614 6M2615 6M2501 6M2502 6M2503 6M2504 6M2505 6M2506 6M2507 6M2508 6M2509 6M2510 6M2511 6M2512 6M2513 6M2514 6M2515 6M2516 6M2517 6M2518 6M2519 6M2520 6M2701 6M2702 6M2703 6M2704 6M2705 6M2706 6M2707 6M2708 6M2709 6M2710 6M2711 6M2712 6M2713 6M2714 6M2715 6M2716 6M2717 6M2718 6M2719 6M2720 6M2721 6M2722 6M2723 6M2724 6M2801 6M2802 6M2803 6M2804 6M2806 6M2807 6M2808 6M2809 6M2810 6M2811 6M2812 6M2813 6M2814 6M2815 6M2816 6M2817 6M2819 6M2820

Accurate current transformer with integrated transducer, saving time, space and reducing risk of failure

  • Primary current up to 1250A
  • With analogue output 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V
  • Special model for power measurement
ELEQ Current Transformer with Integrated Relay, EM300 Series
20 Stroomrelais

Current transformer with active, integrated relay ideal for monitoring production processes

  • Primary current from 0.5A up to 100A
  • EM303: with fixed switching point
  • EM305: with adjustable switching point
  • NC or NO contacts
Universal Measuring Transducers, MT406, MT408, MT416, MT418, MI456
30 MT416, MT418, MI456
2R8101 2R8102 2R8199 2R2501 2R2502 2R2599 2R5001 2R5002 2R5099 2R8201 2R8299 2R5101 2R5102 2R2301 2R2302 2R2303 2R2304

Universal measuring transducers with multiple input and output parameters

  • Wide input auxiliary supply (24-300Vdc/40-276Vac)
  • MT series can easily be (re)programmed by using free software
  • Optional deliverable with very fast output (response time)
  • True RMS (MT416 & MT418)
  • Suitable for direct current measurement (MI series)
ELEQ Universal Measuring Transducer MT440
50 MT440

Highly accurate universal measuring transducer with multiple outputs possible

  • Direct measurement up to 600V
  • Full galvanic separation
  • MODbus® (RS232/RS485)
  • 4 outputs
  • True RMS
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