At ELEQ we think beyond restrictions

Success sets high demands on all partners and is more than the end result of excellent quality. We believe communication is crucial to success. This involves more than an initial telephone call or a visit from our representative. Our working method is based on constant and close consultation between all involved parties. Clear communication between your and our engineers and sound connections between your and our logistics. This shortens the turnaround time and the working method becomes more efficient. Responsibilities are clear and the decision-making process is effective. 

ELEQ b.v.

Salesoffice NL
Tukseweg 130
8331 LH Steenwijk
The Netherlands


PO Box 12
8330 AA Steenwijk

T +31 (0) 521 533 333


Salesoffice DE
Karl-Ferdinand-Braun-Straße 1
50170 Kerpen (Sindorf)



T +49 (0) 22 73 / 98 87-0





Charging electric car possible on both locations


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