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With the ZK4-M6/M8 it is possible to make a safe and simple fused voltage branch in your distribution system.

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Order specifications
Primary connectionArticle numberEAN Code
M6 (6mm)5000308716479050874
M8 (8mm)5000318716479050881
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Indoor use
-10°C - +55°C
5% .. 85%, non condensing
IP20, basic insulation
Suitable for copper bar conductors
Application conditions
IEC 60947-7-3:2009
3kV / 50Hz
6kV 1,2 / 50µs
2A, 450V, F, 70kA, 5x25mm, ceramic (SIBA Part.no. 7008913.2 )
1.5..4mm² tonque max 2.0Nm
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