Auxiliary Power Supply


Auxiliary power supply systems are needed to ensure the energy supply for the operation of primary or secondary devices in a station, switchgear or substation.

1,5 .. 22kV
230V, other options available on request
600 .. 750VA
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Order specifications
Input50/60 HzArticle number
1,5 kV750 VAOn request
20 kV600 VAOn request
22 kV600 VAOn request
3,0 kV750 VAOn request
6,3 kV750 VAOn request
6,6 kV750 VAOn request
7,2 kV600 VAOn request
10 kV600 VAOn request
11 kV600 VAOn request
13,8 kV600 VAOn request
17,5 kV600 VAOn request
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Up to 24/50/125kV
22 / √3 kV
Application conditions
1,9 x Un for 8 h continuously
230V, other options available on request
As required. For example 50-60Hz
Protected with a sealable cover, degree of protection IP 20
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