Current Transformer for Self Powered Relay

SVR109 H3

The current transformer for self powered relay in SVR109 housing is specially designed for application in medium voltage installations as Ring Main Units (RMU).

5P80, 10P80
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Order specifications
ModelCurrent RangeCable diameterClassArticle number
SVR109 H316-56A73mm10P804G2111N
SVR109 H332-112A73mm5P804G2112N
SVR109 H364-224A73mm5P804G2113N
SVR109 H3128-448A73mm5P804G2114N
SVR109 H316-56A73mm5P804G2115N
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Indoor use
*The given specification is valid in combination with a self powered relay like the WIC1
Application conditions
PU & PA6.6
0,288A nom
E (120°C)
Max. Ø 73 mm
Cable 110mm with connector FKCVR 2.5/4-STK
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