Meter with Limit Contact

FEIS96-E and FDIS96-E

E-line FEIS96-E and FDIS96-E can signal minimal and maximal setting limits (MIN and MAX). The meter is provided with two output relays of 600 VA switching power.

On request
On request
230V, 110V, 24Vdc
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Order specifications
For the customized design of your ELEQ FEIS96-E and ELEQ FDIS96-E Analogue Measuring Instrument the following information is required:

Ratio of transformer (ac) or measuring range (dc)
Auxiliary supply

On request the FEIS-E and FDIS-E can be delivered as IP55 or with extra markings on the scale.
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Indoor use
0°C .. +55°C
≤ 75% yearly average, non condensing
Case IP52, terminal contacts IP20**
* ** IP20 when included protection cover is mounted.
The following downloads are available for this product.

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