Low voltage current transformer

Energy Revenue Line

Easy to install current transformers for revenue metering that ensure lower engineering costs and eliminates paperwork of test reports.

100/5A .. 1000/5A
0,5S or 0,2S
0 .. 5 VA
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Order specifications
ModelRatioBurdenClass Ext. 120%Article number
ERM60-E2A100/5A0 .. 1 VA0,5S4M2140E
ERM60-E3A150/5A0 .. 1 VA0,2S4M2450E
ERM60-E3A200/5A0 .. 2 VA0,2S4M2451E
ERM60-E3A250/5A0 .. 2,5 VA0,2S4M2452E
ERM70-E4A300/5A0 .. 2,5 VA0,2S4M3453E
ERM70-E4A400/5A0 .. 5 VA0,2S4M3454E
ERM70-E4A500/5A0 .. 5 VA0,2S4M3455E
ERM70-E4B600/5A0 .. 5 VA0,2S4M3556E
ERM70-E4B750/5A0 .. 5 VA0,2S4M3557E
ERM85-E6A 1000/5A0 .. 5 VA0,2S4M8758E
General Technical Specifications
This product is designed to be safe under the following conditions:
Environmental conditions
Indoor use
-25°C .. +55°C
5% .. 85%, non condensing
Application conditions
IEC 61869-2
60 x In / 1s
1,2 x In
FS5 at maximum burden. FS10 at minimum burden
Screw terminals
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