Energy Management Line

Current Transformers and Voltage Taps

  • Hardware for current and voltage measurement;
  • Ideal in combination with digital measurement systems;
  • Compact and easy to mount;
  • In-house developement and production (Netherlands and Germany);
  • Perfect for retrofit.

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Digital kWh meter

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Current Measurement

Current transformers for an detailed current measurement. Especially designed for connection to digital measurement systems.

RM17/RM27 Compact Current Transformer

→ Designed for use in a three phase circuit breaker (phase distance of 17,5 mm);
→ Can also be used for one phase;
→ Primary current of 32A, 36A and 64A possible;
→ Suitable for cable of ø5mm or ø7,5mm.

TQ Split-core Current Transformer

→ Ideal for use in new and existing installations;
→ Suitable for insulated conductor of ø18mm till 2 x ø42mm;
→ Primary current of 60A till 1000A possible;
→ 5VA line is also suitable for analogue measurement instruments.

Voltage measurement

Voltage taps to make a safe and simple fused voltage tap in your distribution system. The products have a high short-circuit resistance, making them extremely suitable for several types of installations with a busbar/cable.

UAK/ZK4 Easy Voltage Tap for Busbar

→ The tap is directly fused on the voltage carrying rail;
→ Suitable for fuse with breaking capacity up to 70kA;
→ Easy installation on the busbar or under an existing M6 or M8 bolt on the voltage rail.

UAD Easy Voltage Tap for Wires

→ The fuse is mounted directly on the primary conductor;
→ Suitable for fuse with breaking capacity up to 70kA;
→ Easy to mount around cable of 2,5-6mm2 or 10-16mm2.

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